The 3m Solar Film Singapore Price Solves the Problem of Glass

Fragile spot

The coating creates a number of problems that need to be overcome. This is a fragile spot in your home or office and is a weak point for intruders. It also poses a danger to everyone inside, as the glass flying from broken windows can cause serious and even fatal injuries. Life can Glass also poses a problem in homes, greenhouses, and offices, especially when viewing monitors or TVs, as the sun’s heat can inhibit glare, making the monitor nearly impossible to see, and faded carpets, furniture, and displays.

Cut out of passerby’s view

Go down quickly (remember, when you move home and choose a wardrobe that hasn’t moved for years, you’ll see different 3m solar film singapore price colors of the carpet … the color of your carpet before it starts to fade!). Another problem. Another part of the glazing is that it washes out quickly, which means that others can be seen directly in your home. If your home is close to a road or path, it can be annoying, and areas such as restrooms and storage areas should be cut out of passerby’s view.

3m Solar Film Singapore

What Can Fix This Problem

Window film is the solution to many problems associated with glass. But it is still a very familiar product.

Protective glass film prevents the glass from shattering from impact. Available in a variety of foil thicknesses, 100 microns are designed to bring the glass to safety standards (BS6206 Class B), so if someone falls, all harmful debris will be kept in place. 175-micron security film is stiffer and not only But it provides a low level of security in the event of a bomb attack. But it also offers great security benefits for intruders – thicker. A security film that can withstand more repetitive attacks than you When someone tries to break into your home The thickest film at 300 microns, this film offers a high level of protection against vandalism from bombing. It is designed to keep all hazardous parts in the event of an explosion occurring or a natural disaster such as a hurricane or strong wind. All of these movies are perfectly simple. So the only time you’ll notice them is when putting them to the test.

The natural sun protection

The photovoltaic film can reduce solar heat up to 78%, sunlight up to 91%, and UV (the main cause of furniture fading) by more than 98%. Sun protection film is available in a variety of shades. The lightest film available is noticeably clear to the eye, while it hardly stops and stops heat or glare. But it stops nearly 100% of UV rays, which greatly reduces the effect of fading on your furniture. The natural sun protection film is available in different shades.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The best film to reduce heat and reflection is a tint film, which also has the added benefit of providing privacy during the day by providing a one-sided mirror effect when someone looks into the property. But gives you a perfect view All these films are ideal for the home office and especially the greenhouse. There is even a special sun protection film called Coolkote on the market that is specially designed for use on polycarbonate greenhouse roofs.

Window film

Privacy window films are available in a variety of colors and designs to create privacy in different quantities. All opaque tint films are available in black or white and 100% freeze and visibility, similar to those in a photographed dark room. Window film is most popular because it prevents people from seeing and exposes plenty of natural light. Matte films with blocks and stripes come in a variety of patterns that reduce the view without blocking it all the way down.