As a company, you need to be looking to develop a comprehensive and sound video production strategy. To do so, you’ll need to cover a lot of things. Gone are the days where you could get by with a company blog. Nowadays, you need to do a lot more to craft the best content. Crafting a message with your content and spreading it in a variety of ways is necessary for today’s digital age. Video happens to be one of the most important mediums to focus on when it comes to producing quality content. Here are a few reasons you ought to spend more time incorporating corporate video production into your online marketing efforts.


Reasons You Need A Corporate Video Production Strategy Right Now

1. Consumers Enjoy Consuming Content Differently

First and foremost, not everyone is the same. People have different preferences by which they consume content. Some people are auditory learners and some enjoy written content. Some people are visual. You want to craft content for all of them. Whether you’re instructing consumers how to use your products or services or doing something else, your content creation goals are to educate your target demographic.

When you are only producing written content for your company’s blog, that’s only going to cater to a specific subset of your target market. By crafting video content, you can cater to those who learn by seeing or hearing. If your video incorporates instructions that are easy to follow, you may even be able to cater to those who are kinesthetic learners and who learn by doing.

By including video into your marketing mix, you can boost the range of audience you can connect with. Some people purely consume their content through video. You can even leverage the new features with video to transcribe it. That way, you can cater to two different subsets of your audience. This will not only make the video more accessible and make the content more consumable, but it will also help play a role in boosting your SEO efforts through an optimized video description and transcription. You can even scrape the audio of your video and convert it to MP3 format for your auditory learners.


2. Google Prioritizes Video

One thing you need to be aware of is how important video is to Google. This one should be rather obvious with Google paying so much for YouTube back in 2006. If Google owning YouTube doesn’t convince you, it’s about time you look at the Alexa site rankings and even the Google search rankings. You will find that every search incorporates videos towards the top. Imagine if a tire shop was able to rank within the top 3 of the search engine results for the search on “how to change a tire.”

The only thing the business would need to do to leverage the top spot would be to include a direct link to their site on the video and within the description of it. After all, anyone who is watching the video might decide that they require new tires and that they want to swap them out themselves. Boosting your search engine rankings through video can propel your business in a big way.


3. Video Is Shareable

One of the things that makes video such a powerful medium is how shareable it is. YouTube and other platforms like Vimeo make it so easy to generate a link and to share a video they enjoyed. This makes it increasingly likely that you are going to get people sharing your video for you across social media platforms and more. By crafting a high-quality video that people enjoy, you can have people do the work of spreading it around for you. How great is that? You can continue to learn more about how a video can be shared in this post on some of the top ways to get a video embedded onto a website.

Running your promotions for the videos you craft isn’t difficult either. There are plenty of easy ways to get your video out there and to share it with your audience by adding it to your social media accounts or even on your blog. As a video gets shared more and more and as it generates more engagement, YouTube and Google will begin to boost their rankings by a considerable margin.


What’s Best About Corporate Video?

Perhaps the best part about corporate video production is the ability to craft content that you enjoy making. Not everyone loves writing and not everyone is a good writer. Video can be a great way to showcase your products or services and create content that is enjoyable for you. As soon as you get used to creating videos, it can become an essential component of your digital marketing mix.