Do you know about Premium Collision Repair Service? Almost everyone owns some type of vehicle these days. Vehicle repairs are a big concern for car owners. Many car owners worry about how long repairs will take and when their vehicle will be ready. To educate the average vehicle owner in the country, we have created a handy graphic that highlights all the different steps involved in collision repairs. Although it may take time to guarantee premium collision repairs, our team will do their best to get the customer safely back on the road as soon as possible. Here is the premium collision repair process followed by Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop to guarantee premium collision repairs for your vehicles.


Premium Collision Repair Service 

8 Steps To Great Collision Repairs

1. After The Accident 

Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle after an accident. We will then prepare a preliminary estimate of damage and send it to the customer. The owner will authorize us to process the insurance claim and begin the repairs. Our experts will contact the insurance provider to start the claims process while arranging for a temporary rental vehicle for the customer.


2. Parts Delivery

Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop will negotiate with your insurance provider to order OEM spares whenever possible. The next step is to order the parts. Our technicians will disassemble the vehicle and check for any hidden damages. We will send a request to the insurance provider for additional parts and work with the company to get it approved. Then, we will order additional parts for the vehicle.


3. Vehicle Repair

Our team will get in touch with the vehicle owner to inform him/her about the required repairs, insurance coverage, charges, and the expected delivery date. Our experienced team will then carry out the structural and body repairs.


4. Painting The Vehicle

Our technicians will prime the body of the vehicle and seal it with a chip guard and a rust-protection coating before painting it. We will wash the vehicle and chemically clean it before refinishing it. Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop usually follow a multi-step refinishing process using premium quality car paint. It is then baked to factory standards. The crew will then buff the paint finish to give the vehicle a “like new” shine.


5. Reassembly

The next step is to reassemble the parts and body panels of the vehicle. Our team will then perform wheel alignment and detailing.


6. Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop’s Quality Assurance

Our experienced team will inspect the spare parts, assembly, and painting to make sure they meet high-quality standards. The vehicle is then road-tested before undergoing a final delivery inspection by our management.


7. Timely Delivery

Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop’s goal is to get the customer back on the road as soon as possible. Once the collision repair process passes our quality inspection, we will contact the owner of the vehicle to arrange for pick-up.

8. Lifetime Warranty

Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop provide a lifetime warranty on all our repairs. It is a part of our ongoing customer care process.

We Value Customer Satisfaction!

Our goal is to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction at all times. Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop does the job right the first time around. We make sure the customer saves time and headaches in the long run. We are serious about customer satisfaction.