Photos are very important to us and they hold special memories. They are one of the most important files on our devices. Many times, we have faced the situation where we get our pictures deleted due to many reasons. Recovering deleted pictures is not an easy task. Once they are deleted it is impossible to recover the deleted pictures. If the pictures are uploaded on the cloud storages then they can be recovered easily, however, if the pictures were not uploaded on the clouds then the chances of recovery are nil. Therefore, it is necessary to have a photo recovery application on your device.

Pictures recovery can be tricky on Android devices and can be a problem. However, we have software that will help you to recover pictures using a photo recovery app. This simple program will help you to recover pictures with a single click.

Soouya RecoveryMaster

Can the deleted pictures on an Android device be recovered easily?

Yes, deleted pictures can be recovered easily using this program. It is a simple program that will help you to recover deleted pictures without any problem.


Photos Recovery – Restore Deleted Pictures, Images

Photos Recovery application is a free application developed to recover deleted pictures easily. This program will scan your Android device for the deleted pictures and then display the results. This simple program will search for the deleted pictures from the internal storage and from the external SD cards also. It will show you the deleted pictures from different folders like WhatsApp.

Important Features Of Photos Recovery Software



1. Retrieve Deleted Photos without rooting the phone

Other software available on the internet will only recover deleted photos on the rooted phones. Rooted phones will not work correctly and will become unstable. Also, it will void warranty provided by the manufacturers. Also, it is not safe to root your phone.

However, if you are using this program then you do not have to root the phone. It will successfully recover the deleted pictures.

Soouya RecoveryMaster

2. Preview Scan Results

It is one of the best features of the program, this program will let you preview the pictures before recovering them. This feature will help you to check the images before recovering them so that junk is not recovered.

3. Exclude Photos

This program will also let you to exclude pictures of specific size so that it will not be scanned or recovered.

4. Restore WhatsApp Images

This program will also let you recover deleted pictures from WhatsApp also. If you have deleted pictures from WhatsApp then you can recover the deleted pictures.

5. Store, Share, and Upload deleted photos

Once the pictures are recovered then you can share them on social media and they can also be uploaded on Google drive or the cloud storages.

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How does Photo Recovery program work?

Photos Recovery program is a simple program that will help you to recover deleted pictures from your Android devices easily and in a single click. This photo recovery program can be used easily and can be used by anyone.

You can use these steps to recover pictures from your Android devices using Photo Recovery application:

Step 1: First you have to download Photos Recovery application from the play store:

Step 2: You can open the application from the Play Store or you can tap on the application icon.

Step 2: Once the program starts you will see the Start Scan button and Show Recovered button on the home screen.

Step 3: Once the program starts it will ask for storage permission.

Step 4: Scanning process will start and it may take some time for the scan to finish. Scan will take time according to the number of the deleted pictures.

Step 5: Once the scan is finished you will see the deleted pictures and it will be displayed in the categorized folders also.

Step 6: You can also recover folders by selecting the folders and then clicking on the recovery button.

Step 7: Single pictures can also be recovered using this program.

Step 8: You can also change the recovery program and select the image size to be excluded.

That’s it your deleted pictures are recovered easily.


The Final Word on Can I recover Deleted Photos on My Android Device?

Photos Recovery application is a simple program that will help you to recover deleted pictures easily. This program will help you to delete pictures from the internal storage and external storage also. It is one of the fastest programs on the internet to recover deleted pictures.

Soouya RecoveryMaster

This photos recovery application can recover deleted photos from Android devices in a single click.