Donate Your Car for Charity are proud of the role they play when it comes to responsibly recycle your junk or end-of-life car. They assist in preserving natural amenities by taking outmoded, environmentally unfriendly vehicles from the road. The majority of junk cars that get given out to charity are more than 20 model years old and are characteristically major polluters, with poor exhaust and gas mileage. A California report approximates those vehicles that are 13 years and older take up25% of miles driven and 75% of car pollution. When your old vehicle is recycled, it helps change antiquated steel into new steel for thousands of other applications, including bridges, elevators, furnaces, airplane hangars, reinforcement bars, structural beams for framing homes, canned goods, new cars and car components, and more!


How your car donation to your favorite charity can help the environment

In fact, cars are the most recycled consumer product. Automobile recycling keeps roads and highways clear of disabled and abandoned cars by giving a viable location to keep these automobiles.

Cars Being Crushed and Recycled to Change Antiquated Steel into New Steel

The majority of car materials and parts can be recycled. This includes the rubbers and foams on the interior along with the tires.  An estimated 85% of car metals can be recycled to fabricate new automobiles. They’re also precious metals like palladium located in the catalytic converter and copper wiring. Each donated car that can’t be repaired or driven will find its way into the recycling funnel. It’s a win-win situation for both the environment and charity!

Recycling Facts:

-16 million vehicles were recycled in 2005, accounting for 98% of all automotive!

-When steel is recycled, it doesn’t lose its strength –it can be salvaged again and again and always retain its characteristics

-17 billion cans or 58% of steel cans are retrieved and recycled annually, which is sufficient to construct about 20 Golden Gate bridges

-A 6,000 square foot house fitted with steel framing can be built with 6 recycled vehicles

-The over 14 million vehicles recycled in 2000 would produce sufficient steel to make 48 million steel poles, which is a third of the utility poles in America

-The number of recycled materials in North America is steel. Every year, steel is recycled more than plastic, glass, paper, aluminum combined!

-65% of steel made in North America is manufactured from scrap

-75% of the components of a vehicle is recyclable

Where does my recycled cargo?

  1. First, your outmoded car is towed and transported to a recycling center that takes apart dangerous materials which include: rubber, reusable parts, fluids, which are taken away manually, from where the car is crushed to simplify its transportation to a scrap yard.
  1. In the yard, the car is cut into strips and separated into non-usable and usable materials, and the re-usable parts are taken (done mostly by barge) to bigger steel recycling centers.
  1. At the steel recycling center, stripped metals are divided by a giant magnet that attracts steel and iron. Non-ferrous and fluff metals, which aren’t magnetic are eliminated and discarded.
  1. Depending on how the facility operates its business, the steel is put in electric arc furnaces or blast furnaces and mini-mills (which is the latest tech), which goes on to make new steel materials that are ready to return to the market as brand new.