In an  SEO and content strategy, it would be a serious mistake not to optimize them to try to position them on the first page of Google, and thus attract more traffic when a user searches for a certain keyword. And specifically, a link building strategy will help you achieve it. You can also make money selling backlinks online.

It is an action that requires time and patience since the results are obtained in the medium and long term. That’s why many companies hire freelancers to work on creating links, sending guest posts, and collaborating with bloggers.

However, there are companies that have a little more budget and instead of hiring freelancers, they delegate this work to platforms that are in charge of putting advertisers and publishers in contact to reach a link agreement. Have you ever heard of these types of platforms?

Finding and contacting bloggers on your topic one by one is fine, but you should also rely on some platforms that streamline the process and help you in your link building strategy. That is why today I am going to talk about 3 in particular, which for me are, without a doubt, the best.

What you should know before doing link building

The link building serves, on the one hand, to increase your authority and, on the other hand, to improve the position of your articles in Google; That is, if other pages with good authority link you, you will upload positions for that keyword.

The more authority (DA) the page that links you has, the better results you will get. Therefore, a technique that has always been used is to analyze and spy on the competition with tools such as Ahrefs to see which pages link to them and closely follow their strategy. And so to be able to contact those pages and propose a collaboration with a guest post.

As you can see,  guest posts are win-win collaborations, where both parties benefit and where you don’t have to pay anything. But if you have a little budget for a link building strategy, you should know that there are specialized companies that offer lists of pages with which you can collaborate, who are willing to include links on their website for a price.

Some of these platforms can even write the content for the website you are interested in  (or it can be created by the publisher you want to collaborate with). You will only have to detail in a briefing the subject matter of the content, what links you want to add, what anchor text you would like to put, and the type of links.

As for the anchor text or anchor text, it is important to know that there are mainly two types of links. One is branding, where the anchor text is the name of your brand and the link leads to the home. And the other type is content, it links to its own content, which is usually a blog article and the anchor text is usually related to that content.

How To DO Link Building Professionally

The 3 best tools to invest in 

The fact of hiring a platform service to do link building does not mean that you cannot get quality links.

I recommend that before buying links, you do it with websites that are related to your theme, observe that they generate quality content, and let them link you naturally, trying to avoid a specific anchor text and oriented to a keyword.

In most of these platforms, you can either request a link to an article already published that has traffic, or ask them to create a new article on a topic that interests you and where the link you want to put fits well.

The price of links can vary a  lot since a page with authority of 6 (out of 100) is not the same as a page that has an authority of 70. It can vary from ten euros to two thousand euros or more.

Let’s see, in more detail, some characteristics of the 3 best content marketing  and link building platforms  :


1) Coobis

Coobis  is a content marketing platform   that works as an intermediary between the brand and the medium.

For its part,  Coobis  facilitates the relationship between the advertiser, who wants to promote their campaign or position their brand, and the publisher, who has a blog or social media accounts, usually with a large number of followers.

The first step once inside the platform is to go find media and  influencers . From its panel you can apply filters (by country, DA, price …), order it and find the one that best fits your budget and your strategy.

Then, add it to your basket and fill in the general data (name of the campaign, brand or product, delivery limits, etc.).

In the briefing you can describe the details of the order, these are the objective of the campaign, the links, the anchor text and the type. After completing the briefing, the next step will be to complete the payment. After this, the editor will receive a message and can accept or reject it.

2) Publisuites

It is a content marketing platform, where you can find specialized media and buy content through sponsored posts. It works the same as Coobis.

You can choose to be an advertiser or publisher. In this case, if you are looking for sites to link to, you must register as an advertiser.

According to Create Whiteboard Animation When you are inside your  dashboard , you can apply filters and segment by country, theme, type of link (dofollow, nofollow, sponsored). In this way, you can make a search more adjusted to your needs.

If there is something that characterizes  Publisuites, it  is that it has a fairly large database of blogs and websites.


3) Prensalink

It is another link building platform that houses more than 5000 newspapers and blogs. It does not have too many filters, but it is not a negative thing, since this way you will be able to stop one by one and analyze carefully with which website you could reach a link agreement.

A prominent feature of  Prensalink  is the press release feature, divided into packs. You can find media by subject to send press releases about any news about your company, product or service; In this way, you can choose to have your note published on specialized sites or by provinces.