measuring the screen size of any laptop may seem a difficult task. And you don’t have an idea. How to find the screen size of a laptop? or it might not be accurate measuring with the tape. But wait! who told to use a tape or strip. You can easily measure the screen size of any laptop/TV without using any strip etc.

And that is how? well, we are going to discuss that in some minutes in the below paragraphs.

Finding the accurate measurement of any screen might need a strip or tape etc. What if I say, you don’t require any strip, and could measure the screen size accurately without a strip.

Well, there are certainly other methods to measure the laptop’s screen size, which we don’t recognize when we need them. Therefore, after reading this guide, you will certainly say, that why you didn’t think it earlier. Anyways, don’t worry, this happens to everyone, that we usually forget to use the below-mentioned methods and run the tape.

So without wasting time, let’s get straight to the point!


How to find the screen size of a laptop?

First thing first! have you wondered, why every electronic device has a specific identity. Which we call model number. Well, because, each and every detail of that electronic device is hidden in its model number. from the hardware used in it to its external specifications.

Today through the model number, one can resolve any issue of the electronic device.

Search of the model number:

The first thing, you need to do is find the model number of the laptop or TV. Once you find the model number. Then just open the google and type in the model number of the laptop or TV. You will get the entire details of the laptops from their screen size to its screen resolution.

Besides, you don’t need to be uncertain regarding its accurate measurement too. Because online you will get the calculations that have been unveiled by the manufacturer of the device. So, now, isn’t it better to search online rather than rushing for the tape to measure it.

Look in the user manual:

What if you are unfamiliar with the model number, and can’t have access to the internet either. Well, in that case, lookup for the user manual, which comes almost with every electronic device.

On the user book, you get all the info, and do’s and don’t’s of the product. Moreover, you also get the full specifications of the device along with its screen size. So, if the first method doesn’t work. Just lookup up the box of the laptop, there you will the user manual, which we usually miss to read out before operating the system.

Check out the backside of the laptop:

You may have also bought the laptop second hand, without any box or user manual. So, what should one do in that case?

Well, no worries, still you have chances to find the model number and other specs. But this time, you will get it at the backside of the laptop in the intact label. laptops usually come with a label intact at its backside, where you get its model number along with some other specific features.

And many times, this label is intact under the back cover.

So, if you don’t have an idea about the model number of the laptop, just flip the backside of the laptop, and you will get the model number.

And typing in the model number on google will tell you each and everything regarding the product.

How to find the screen size of a laptop using a measuring tape?

If anytime you want to measure the screen size using tape. So it also has a specific method. Take the tip of the tape to one side of the screen diagonally. And pull the tape to the opposite corner of the screen. Like this, you will get the exact measurement of any screen whether that is a laptop, TV, or any other device.

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This article, shows, how to find the screen size of a laptop without using a strip. Moreover, we also mentioned the easiest ways to do it. Moreover, tell us in the comment section, how did you get this guide? Did you guess these methods before, we told you.