To date, manufacturers of the household industry have moved far ahead. With the advent of Apple iPhone products for many smartphone choices became apparent, due to the versatility and convenience of these products. However, even in such reliable devices, a factory marriage or a malfunction in its operation is not ruled out.

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Return money for iPhone within 14 days

How do I get my iPhone back to the store? This question is often asked by buyers when finding flaws in the new device. Legislatively established several reasons when you could hand over the iPhone to the seller in the store where the device was purchased, it is possible in the following cases:

    • You can return the iPhone within 14 days of purchase if the item has not been in use and the product’s product and its consumer properties have been preserved. The preservation of mica on the packaging does not affect the seller’s obligation to accept the goods from the buyer.

! It is important to remember that any smartphone with a touchscreen display is a technically complex device, so the duty of the seller to accept the returned goods is provided by paragraph 1 of Article 18 “On consumer protection” and assumes:

    • The presence of a re-defect that has previously been fixed. In this case, the seller is obliged to replace the goods or return the amount paid for it.
    • Disproportionate repair costs to the cost of goods. If the price of the repair will approach the value of the phone itself, you have the right to demand to replace it with a new one. What would set the cost you need to make an assessment (expertise).
    • Also, that would return the iPhone will be enough fact of finding it in repair more than twice and more than 30 days in the term of the warranty period, which is one year.
    • Another sufficient reason for the return of the iPhone to the store is the indestructibility of its breakdown. This can include cracks in the body of the device.

Thus, to return the iPhone to the seller – you need the presence of one of the above reasons. After that, you can apply for a claim and demand to return the money for the smartphone. These grounds also apply to other types of technically complex products enshrined in the list (e.g. computers).

Hand over the iPhone under warranty or return the money

Above, we described cases when to hand over the iPhone to the store and return the money for the purchase is a priority. However, most often, the return of technically complex goods to the seller will be preceded by a quality check procedure and warranty repair.

When checking the quality, it is necessary to take into account that the goods are transferred to the seller for up to 40 calendar days (depending on the requirement made by the buyer to the seller) and this period is included in the time to meet the buyer’s needs. This will be followed by advice from practising lawyers when contacting the seller:

The subtleties of the legislation when returning smartphones to the seller:

  • If you are handing over an iPhone for warranty repairs, carefully fill out the act of receiving the transfer of goods and in case of discrepancies (for example, the action indicates defects of the case, which is not true) require to make corrections to the employee’s painting.
  • Having passed the iPhone for repair, require the seller to give out not inferior in characteristics to the smartphone at the time of warranty repair.
  • If the seller does not provide a replacement for the time of repair work, then according to Article 20 of the Consumer Protection Act, the latter compensates the buyer for a penalty of 1% of the value of the goods for each day of delay.
  • To hand over the iPhone to the seller – you need to apply with a written claim to the seller. The duty of the latter to accept the goods comes only from the moment of the buyer’s appeal. In the case of default by the seller, provided by the FH, the obligation to prove the fact of recourse to the seller lies with the buyer.
  • The period in which the seller is obliged to decide on the return of the smartphone – 10 days.
  • The deadline for warranty repair, after which the iPhone can be handed over to the seller – 40 calendar days.

What does Apple’s limited iPhone guarantee mean?

Separately, it is worth mentioning the Eple guarantee on its products. In the documents to the smartphone or other products, there is not quite an apparent designation for users, in the form of a limited warranty for one year. This concept implies the most common guarantee of the seller for goods in the usual sense of the word. 

The iPhone warranty is for one year. During this period, you can contact the seller and demand to eliminate various shortcomings of the product.

Consumer protection legislation has the concept of “service life”, which, in the case of the iPhone, is two years. 

This means that after a year when the warranty period has expired, you can still ask the seller to replace the phone, if the existence of a factory marriage, which arose not due to the fault of its owner (faulty “iron” or components, such as a digital camera.) That would establish the presence of a production shortage, the owner will need to conduct a study (examination) and after snub with the claim to the seller.

Return phone or other goods to the store – help of a lawyer

If you have questions or make it difficult to take further action, seek the legal help of a consumer protection lawyer at fixed minimum prices. Also, we can get free legal advice online on the home page of the site!