Live commerce is Combining Live Streaming and E-commerce videos. With the integration of both, we can endow a seamless shopping experience. Thus, we get a chance to minimize the gap between products and consumers while deriving the results.


Combining Live Streaming and E-commerce

What customers today want from the online shopping experience is interaction, authenticity, and engagement. Live streaming works to offer all these to customers while adding the human element to the entire shopping process. 

E-commerce brands that depend upon their online existence only, live-streaming their products will help them to build that human connection to their customers.

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In today’s time customers simply don’t purchase products; they also look up to the personal experiences they get. With live-streams viewers are heard and valued, they get a complete chance to put-forward all the queries they have and see the faces behind a brand.

Furthermore, the pandemic forced every merchant to think of something unique to sustain their businesses, and live commerce came as a rescue to them. This gave them a chance to be in touch with their customers and strengthen their businesses.

At some point, we can also say that live-commerce is very much similar to television shopping which is boosting the

E-commerce business. Technologies like AR/VR, open various possibilities of pushing live commerce forward.

Why is there a rise in Live commerce?

The Human Element

Visiting a normal E-commerce website, all we see is text providing a description or information about a product or just a referral image of a product to be sold. Live-streaming has completely changed the way customers learn about products online. In live-streaming, we witness a similar experience of a salesperson in a shop selling products by describing products. 


The rise of the 5G network has made users video-friendly without a pause or buffer. As we all are familiar the 5G network facilitates a new network that connects virtually everything and everyone seamlessly. Hence this has boosted the consumption of video content.

Brand Image

Marketing your brand name via video streaming helps in influencing viewers to engage more and build that personal bond with your brand. Hence making interesting and attractive videos for promotion or launch etc makes you stand out from the crowd.

Share an exclusive first glimpse of a product, make announcements, discuss your brand values, and news that’s unfiltered, etc will help in building trust and viewers remain loyal to your brand always.

Product Categorization

With live streaming, sellers can sell different products like jewelry, high-end electronic devices, and gadgets also. Live commerce can make all sorts of businesses successful. As customers usually worry about the look and quality of products during online shopping but with live streaming, customers can have a clear view of the products. 


For some customers, especially the young generation, entertainment, and fun factors are crucial. Hence to offer a differentiated experience to youth live commerce is an apt choice. Sometimes, people are ready to pay extra charges if they get to witness entertainment and fun.

Live streaming eCommerce helps to bring out fun and entertainment in customers through real-time engagement and hosting fun activities. This derives the audience towards your brand and boosts up the average session time.


 Advantages of including videos in E-commerce:

  1. Improves brand reach
  2. Boosts customers engagement
  3. Builds long term relationships with customers
  4. Google positions videos while searching
  5. The quality of the product can be judged better
  6. It helps to convert viewers into buyers
  7. Attracts consumers’ attention
  8. Adds credibility to your brand or organization



The world of live streaming and eCommerce is amazing, particularly when they are synergized. Live streaming is just the best solution for an E-commerce business. Through a live-streaming channel, you can either sell your products directly or can just spread awareness about your brand and products.

Customers feel more relaxed and comfortable while shopping right from their home in today’s time. With live-streaming, a brand can showcase every benefit and demonstrate the usage of a product effectively. Customers also get satisfaction after communicating with sellers or brand advocates as they clear all their queries before purchasing. This way the mutual trust gets built between customers and merchants. has also launched a Live Stream Plugin for Shopify that gives the Shopify merchants a chance to boost their E-commerce brand or establish a digital storefront. Our Shopify Livestream Plugin is easy to install and can help you reach your goals.