You can buy insurance for archery biathlon in almost any insurance company offline. However, if the document is needed urgently, it is better to use the online offer from our company, because in the usual mode, insurance is issued for several days, and on our service, you can buy a policy in just 7 minutes.


Buy insurance for archery biathlon

To buy an insurance policy for practicing archery biathlon online on our website, you just need to know the passport details of the insured person and decide on the choice of insurance parameters. For more information on insurance for archery biathlon, read this section of the service.

Going to the online insurance calculator, you should fill in the following points:

  • Kind of sport.
  • Athlete’s age.
  • Contract time.
  • Sum insured.

After choosing the parameters, the system will calculate the final price of the certificate, which can be paid in any convenient way.

What determines the price of the insurance policy

Unlike offline insurance, the price of insurance in our service depends primarily on the type of sport. We sell insurance for archery biathlon at a special price, which can significantly reduce the final cost of the certificate. Also, the price depends on the period of insurance, the sum insured, and the age of the athlete.

For how long to buy insurance for archery biathlon

Archery biathlon insurance can be purchased for any period from one day to one year. For daily training and frequent competitions, it will be safe and hassle-free to issue a policy for a year, which will provide insurance coverage for any sporting event anywhere in the world for a period of one year. You can also buy insurance for the duration of sporting events.

When registering child insurance, the most rational package is considered to be round-the-clock insurance with an insurance coverage period of one year. After issuing such a policy, the child will no longer need additional insurance coverage to participate in competitions or training camps, both at home and abroad.