Discover five effective tips to master LinkedIn in 2021 and generate quality interactions, automate time-consuming actions and establish a routine.

LinkedIn is THE social network popular with B2B marketers and decision-makers. In 2020 it had more than 720 million members worldwide.

  • 85% of B2B decision-makers use LinkedIn for their professional activity
  • 70% of B2B decision-makers believe that interactions are less commercial and more oriented towards exchange on social networks (they were 78% in 2018)
  • 4% of executives bought a product or service after discovering content posted on social networks; and 66% of them did not know the company before discovering this content.

On LinkedIn, members share content, prospect and transform their leads into customers. While many good practices have now been acquired (having an optimized profile, building the right network, knowing how to write powerful posts, etc.), other techniques exist to stand out and maximize the use of the platform.

An overview of five LinkedIn tips for 2021.


# O1 LinkedIn tip for 2021

Optimize the dwell time of your publications

The time dwell is the time spent on a publication. This concept, introduced in May 2020, measures:

  • the duration of display of a publication on the screen
  • if members click on the “… see more” link in a post to expand it to include the entire post, interaction buttons, and comments.

If it remains essential to attract the attention of its audience, it is now necessary to know how to retain it. In addition to creating qualitative content composed of long texts (up to 1,300 characters), illustrated and with two or three #, you will also need to add rich media. This is why new media have been developed to maximize reading time for publications such as:

  • the videos
  • the carousels
  • the stories (in mobile format)

To design the videos that generate the most engagement by promoting time spent on your post, you need to:

  • favor the square format that takes up the most screen space
  • add subtitles for those who deactivate the sound (50% of Internet users)
  • edit 30 to 60 seconds

The carousels have the appearance of a mini-presentation (.pdf attached to a publication) that can scroll in the direction of reading. They have the advantage of being very visual and of encouraging Internet users to take an action to browse the document and, therefore, to stay longer on your publication.

The stories appeared on the LinkedIn mobile app to share a video snapshot of his professional life in a fun way. With its human approach and its staging, they offer a certain proximity to its author while capturing and retaining the attention of Internet users.

# O2 LinkedIn tip for 2021

Encourage your community to comment on your posts

To maximize the reach of your post to your level 01 network and then to subsequent levels, members should engage with your content.

The action that will make your visibility take off is to comment on it. The comments multiply by two the number of impressions compared to like and offers up to eight times more views than sharing.

To encourage your community to comment on your post you can:

  • conclude your post with an open question conducive to discussion
  • identify (“tag”) influencers, (very) active members of your network, brands, to ask them for their opinion
  • comment yourself on your publication to revive the debates or add links to additional resources
  • offer additional content by private messaging to those who comment

It’s important to respond to comments on your posts within two hours to keep the post visible in timelines for longer. And also, of course, to engage in discussion with members who have commented on your post.

# O3 LinkedIn tip for 2021

Automate certain messages

On social networks, as everywhere else of course, the human approach is essential.

As a reminder, it is absolutely not recommended to automate your messages and publications with a view to mass mailing to a poorly targeted audience that is largely over-requested. Instead, I recommend writing canvases of messages that you can personalize before sending them. The contents of these models are built according to the different behaviors on LinkedIn.

For each identified action, I get a message frame that I adapt, personalize, for each recipient. For example, for a connection request, I rely on a pre-written message asking the Internet user about his activity and its challenges. Another example, when a member visits my profile, I ask him what interested him in my professional career. Also, if a member outside my network interacts with one of my publications, I suggest that he share our networks and continue the exchanges by PM (private messaging).

So, if part of the message is pre-written, the content is personalized and sent only to members with whom professional interactions could be possible.

# O4 LinkedIn tip for 2021 Use

your company page

According to Video Animation Services When the administrator of a company page publishes a post, he can send a notification to the employees to activate the sounding board and maximize the virality of its publication.

However, sharing a post, as we saw earlier in this article, is an uninviting action that does not favor the algorithm in terms of visibility. It is therefore advisable to ask collaborators to comment on the post or to re-publish the original post on their profile by adapting it and adding their own point of view.

# O5 Linkedin tip for 2021

Establish a business routine

You will certainly find many studies on the web on the best times to publish. The majority agrees to consider that should be published between 8am and 10am in the morning, mainly on Tuesday. Furthermore, on Saturdays and Sundays, 50% of users would be active, but only 25% of them would post content.

We must also take into account the fact that we are perpetually connected and for some, addicted to smartphones. So, constantly connected and available, more and more members and publications, new features and new algorithms to satisfy … In short, it takes time and energy to master LinkedIn and keep up the pace! Only a good organization will allow you to achieve this.

I offer you my LinkedIn Routine in three stages: Reactive, active and pro-active.

  1. Be responsive on average one hour a day: monitor daily information, follow the right # and influencers, interact, recommend and manage invitations to maintain the link with your network.
  2. Be active on average three times a week: publish daily or weekly, intervene in groups and regularly send private prospecting messages to identified members of level 01.
  3. Be proactive twice a month: take the time to analyze the performance of your publications, optimize your profile, assess your SSI score and refer to indicators from LinkedIn.

Obviously, these tips are given to you by way of example and need to be adapted to your challenges, markets and according to the resources (human, time, budgetary) you have available.