5 Item Checklist For Site Owners Working With SEO Agencies is discussed here. As the owner of an appealing destination website featuring engaging content of various types, you are wondering why you are not getting the traffic. Google’s algorithm is always changing, and ranking relies upon much more than quality content. SEO techniques must be deployed for your site to get Google’s attention.


Checklist For Site Owners Working With SEO Agencies

The SEO professionals you work with need to focus on your company’s primary goals and help you engage with your targeted audience.


SEO experts should remain transparent at all times in regard to their plans for your site and their pricing. You want to be able to easily communicate with the team, too. There should be no secrets, and the professionals working on your site should explain exactly what they are doing and how they plan to increase organic traffic to your site.

Lists of tasks

There are annual plans available, and you want to ask about these plans when speaking with SEO companies. These annual plans include lists of tasks to be completed throughout the year. Ask about changes when algorithms are updated, and be specific about your content needs. Additionally, you want an itemized list of the tasks they complete at the end of every month.

Technical barriers

There are quite a few technical barriers that prevent sites from being indexed properly. SEO experts need to look over your site to ensure there are no barriers, like images that are not properly optimized. Missing site maps are another example of technical barriers.

Set Firm Goals

As the SEO experts gather information and begin to work on your site, a clear set of defined goals should be established. Reviewing analytics should be second nature, and you need the company to develop an extensive list of keywords and keyword phrases that you can use for content purposes. SEO experts should also be analyzing your competition. A comprehensive analysis is important in order for the professionals to start working toward your set of clearly defined goals.


Searches, bounce rates, site traffic, and more should be consistently monitored and included in a detailed report. SEO experts should provide recommendations to you, and they should take action to improve the analytics for your site. Expect monthly reports detailing changes and how your site is doing in comparison to the competition. Everything to know about your site moving forward should be included in this detailed report.

Site Health Checks

Quarterly site health checks are important checkpoints. Crawl error reviews are an example of what SEO experts look for during these updates. You always want to double-check links, too. You do not want your site to have broken links. Are there toxic backlinks you should be concerned about? The SEO company should be looking everything over quarterly to ensure that you are on target to accomplish the goals you have set forward for your site.

SEO is always changing and is handled by algorithms. Granted, your site not only needs to cater to the search engines, but it needs to be user-friendly as well. The user experience is what SEO is all about these days.

Last Words:

Many online resources exist to help site owners with search engine optimization. Staying on top of trends, however, is not easy. That is why so many site owners reach out to SEO experts for help. You want to see your destination site thrive, and an SEO agency can help make that a reality. A year from now, you will look back and wonder why you did not make the most of this opportunity much sooner.