Email Marketing Trends are the strongest type of digital marketing. You must have at least once gone through an email as a user and made the purchase. It is a classic and creative way of reaching out to the audience. You slide into their inbox and inform them about your offerings.

Usually, the emails sent by the businesses do not have the option of replying but the links in the emails redirect you to the main page of the business. You can send multiple things in the emails, such as tips, facts, offerings, guides, etc. For example, as a tech business, you can send them a guide on “how to create a Wikipedia profile page”.

The instructions you give will add to the knowledge of the reader and eventually they will visit your site to look for a similar sort of content. You can also send deals and discount coupons with specific codes to increase curiosity and ignite the interest of the customers.

If you are a business and are opting for email marketing to do higher lead generation then here are the four trends for you to follow in 2023 and beyond.


Email Marketing Trends

1.    Focus on the Mobile Screen Preview

Everything has come down to mobile phones, therefore, you have to make sure that the interface and preview of your email and its layout are easily accessible over the phone. More than 80% of the people use their phones to do the shopping and research about a brand than any other device. With this high number, more than 60% of people read their emails on their smartphones. The accessibility to phones is huge and therefore, you need to accommodate this need and make things perfect.

2.    Design Messages for Dark Mode

The dark mode is the coolest that had happened in the innovation process. Almost half the people use dark mode on their phones and computers. You need to make sure that your marketing messages are easily visible in the dark mode. For that, you will have to decrease the definition of white in the content (pictures and videos). Choose a darker background for your promotions and go for solid colors. The more you seem prominent, the more chances of your clients shifting to your business.

3.    Get Positive Feedback and Reviews

While opting for a brand, people choose to go on their website and business pages to look for reviews and comments. Almost 90% of the people read the reviews and try to find out the quality of the brand. When it comes to reviews and ratings, customers unite as one. Keeping this in mind, it is high time that you start focusing on the reviews and ratings.

You can send your customers an automated feedback request where you should ask them to rate their work and quality. It doesn’t matter if the reviews are good or bad, you are getting an idea of what to do and why to improve and this is enough for your success.

4.    Tell Brand Story

Have you ever read the story written on that cake box about the bakery? Or that store outlet that has a tiny booklet to tell about their journey? Did any of these ever impact you? It definitely would have. Because the whole purpose of putting out their story is to make the customers feel emotionally attached to the brand. As a business, it is your responsibility to inform your clients about your business journey and story. Your story should be written in a structured way to connect to their hearts instantly.